Raves from Guests

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“Thanks for showing us a wonderful and unique part of Manitoba (and the world)” July 2013, B&R Mackling, Manitoba
“Thank you so much for helping me experience the REAL Churchill! I can’t wait to go again” July 2013, K.Peters, Manitoba
“I never imagined Churchill had as much to offer as that which you have exposed us to.  Your preparation and attention to every moment of this trip is so very appreciated” July 2013, J.Britton, Manitoba
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“I have had one of the best experience of my life.  Without you we would not have had the Churchill Exposure that we did” July 2013, K.Cousins, Manitoba
 “This tour was an unexpected extra during my summer trip to Churchill in July 2013. I have never regretted the invitation to join the Group and definitely not disappointed.  I am registered to go again in the summer of July 2014.” July 2013, J.Love, Australia